Bring Your Own Device


To ensure students have access to the best possible educational outcomes and meet the complex demands of 21st century education, Loganlea SHS provides the opportunity for students to a Bring Your Own Device (BYODx).  Participation in this scheme is not mandatory.

BYODx overview

Bring Your Own 'x' (BYODx) is a new pathway supporting the delivery of 21st century learning. It is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students or staff use their personally-owned mobile devices to access the department's information and communication (ICT) network.​​

These mobile devices include both laptops and tablet devices. Access to the department's ICT network is provided only if the mobile device meets the department's security requirements which, at a minimum, requires that anti-virus software has been installed, is running and is kept updated on the device Advice for State Schools on Acceptable use of ICT Facilities and Devices (see separate document for minimum device specifications).

Students and staff are responsible for the security, integrity, insurance and maintenance of their personal mobile devices and their private network accounts.

The BYOx acronym used by the department refers to the teaching and learning environment in Queensland state schools where personally-owned mobile devices are used. The 'x' in BYODx represents more than a personally-owned mobile device; it also includes software, applications, connectivity or carriage service.

The department has carried out extensive BYODx research within Queensland state schools. The research built on and acknowledged the distance travelled in implementing 1-to-1 computer to student ratio classes across the state, and other major technology rollouts.

At Loganlea SHS, our pedagogy is founded on the Achievement Via Individual Determination model, where we explicitly teach the fundamentals of Writing Inquiry Collaboration Organisation and Reading skills. Fluency in use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is key to WICOR and deepens our pedagogy and learning experiences. As a learning community, we recognise and embrace the importance and capacity of technology to transform teaching and learning in our school. At Loganlea State High School we incorporate technology to enhance our thought; develop technological efficacy; strengthen our organisation and collaboration skills; differentiate for students who need support or challenge; engage our students and support our ability to inquire.

Technology innovates the processes and procedures we have in place for WICOR. BYOx values learning and teaching time, promotes flexible and fluid learning experiences and develops fluency in device use. BYODx facilitates immediate and personalised access to content and provides a medium for individualised processing of information as well as collaboration. Technology maintains cohesion in learning across multiple environments such as school, home and off-campus learning. We will encourage the use of technology as a medium to deepen our pedagogy and learning experiences for every student.​

Please read our ​BYODx f​requently asked questions (PDF, 507KB)​​ to get answers to come commonly asked questions.​

Last reviewed 03 March 2023
Last updated 03 March 2023