Junior Secondary Program: Years 7 - 9


At Loganlea SHS, the junior secondary academic program (years 7 to 9)

delivers the Australian Curriculum through the mandatory Learning Areas. This program is underpinned by the school's social and emotional learning program.

We see effective relationships and deep understandings of the learner as critical to learning success. As a result in year 7, we use a core teacher and home room approach to assist students with developing confidence in a familiar environment with a known group of peers. 

In year 8, there is a small increase in the number of teachers and possible groups a student may experience. This provides opportunities to develop a wider network of learning relationships. In year 9, students transition to specialist teachers for each of their subjects and as a result have opportunities to further develop their learning networks.


Academic Program

In year 7, students will participate in all learning areas. These are: English, Social Science (including History,
Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business), Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical
Education (HPE), Arts (Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Art), Technology and LOTE (Chinese - Mandarin). The technology program involves students participating in Digital Technologies, Food and Fibre Production, Materials Technology and Food Specialisation.

In year 8, students will participate in all learning areas. These are: English, Social Science (including History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business), Mathematics, Science, the Arts, LOTE (Chinese - Mandarin) and Health and Physical Education (HPE). Within the Science learning area, all students will study aspects of agriculture.

The Arts learning area involves students rotating through Dance, Drama, Visual Art and Music. The technology program involves students participating in, Food and Fibre Production, Digital Technologies, Engineering
Principles and Food Specialisation.

In year 9, students study English, Maths, Science (with embedded elements of Agriculture), Social sciences, and begin an individualized learning pathway by selecting three additional subjects from, Technology, the Arts, Health & Physical Education and LOTE (Chinese -Mandarin).


Social and Emotional Learning

In the Junior Secondary program, Social and Emotional Learning is embedded within the academic program but is also developed through the schools' Pastoral Care program which In addition to this, a wide range of activities are offered in conjunction with the academic calendar, to give all students a variety of ways in which to learn and / or interact positively with one another. Activities may include Mentoring and Rock and Water.


Senior Secondary Program: Years 10-12

 Loganlea SHS build the intellectual, social and leadership capacity of our young adults, achieving this through one of the widest range of academic and vocational offerings in the Logan-Albert Beaudesert district. The focus of the senior years is to capture a passion for education that will develop into life-long learning for our students. Students can work towards an ATAR and/or a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or Queensland Certificate of Individual Attainment (QCIA).


Academic and Vocational Programs

 In year 10, students will study the following subjects from the Australian Curriculum: English, Maths, Science, History, three elective area subjects and Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, as part of their wider preparation for further study. Electives include subjects within: Art (Music, Dance, Drama, Media or Visual Art); Health (Health & Physical Education, Health & Lifestyle), Science (Animal Husbandry, Introduction to Senior Sciences), Social Sciences (Geography, Business) and Technologies (Digital Technologies, Pre-furnishing, Pre-construction, Pre-engineering). Students can also make an early start on nationally recognised Vocational Education Qualifications which will contribute towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) by selecting a Certificate course (listed below) as an elective area of study. In addition, students are supported to complete a Student Education and Training Plan (SET p) which examines their future career and study goals. This plan informs students' subject selection for the final two years of senior study.

In year 11 and 12, students may elect to complete a:

  • Course of study leading to university entrance (General Subjects and Applied Subjects via an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)
  • Course of study leading to work comprised of General and/or Applied and/or school based VET certificates.
  • Personalised pathway comprising a range of school based study, training and/or work with external providers (including apprenticeships or school based traineeships organised through the "Connections" office), or a combination of school subjects and functional support which may form the basis of a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement, QCIA.  

Social and Emotional Learning

In the Senior programs, Social and Emotional Learning is embedded within the academic program and developed through the Pastoral Care program with a focus on decision making, leadership, study, examination skills and entry into the workforce.


Year 11 and 12
General Subjects
Year 11 and 12
Applied Subjects
Year 10,
11 and 12
Vocational Education
Year 11 and 12
QCIA Pathway
BiologyBuilding & Construction Skills Active Volunteering (Cert II)English Skills For Life
BusinessDrama in Practice Agriculture (Cert II)Mathematics Skills For Life
Chemistry Early Childhood Studies Agrifood Operation (Cert I)Personal Learning & Transition
Chinese Essential English Business (Cert II)Leisure and Recreation
DanceEssential Mathematics Conservation & Land Management (Cert II) Skills For Life
DramaFurnishing Skills Dance (Cert II, III)Film & Media Preparation
Film, Television & New Media Social and Community Studies Hospitality (Cert II)Music in Action
General EnglishIndustrial Skills Information, Digital Media & Technology (Cert II, III) Retail Work Skills
General MathematicsMedia Arts in Practice Kitchen Operations (Cert II) General Maintenance Skills
GeographyMusic in Practice Outdoor Recreation (Cert II) Furnishing Foundations & Design
Mathematical Methods Science in Practice Retail Services (Cert II) Visual Arts Preparation
Modern History Sport and Recreation Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (Cert I)
MusicVisual Arts in Practice Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (Cert II)
Physical Education Visual Arts (Cert II)
Physics Workplace Skills - Business (Cert II)
Visual Art Automotive (Cert I Under Construction)
Business (Cert III Under Construction)


Last reviewed 15 July 2021
Last updated 15 July 2021