​​Parents/guardians wishing to enrol a student at Loganlea State High School need to make an application for enrolment by completing documents contained in the enrolment pack and attend an interview with their child and a member of the school executive or leadership team.

The interview can be booked through the school office. The interview will take approximately fifteen minutes and aims to share information so that the school can better cater for the needs of each individual student.

Enrolment Forms

Junior and Senior

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Download our Enrolment Application Form (PDF 418KB)​

Download our Endorsed Loganlea SHS EMP (PDF 2.15MB)

Download our Enrolment Information Pack (PDF 1.76MB)​

Junior only

Download our Permissions Pack (PDF2.17MB) 

Download our SRS - Student Resource Scheme Year 7-9 Annual Parent Information Letter (PDF,289KB​)

Download our SRS - Student Resource Scheme 7-9 Fee payment arrangement form (PDF,220KB)

Senior only

Download our SRS - Student Resource Scheme Year 10-12​​ Annual Parent Information Letter (PDF,290KB)
Download our SRS - Student Resource Scheme Year 10-12 Fee payment arrangement form (PDF,218KB)​

​Information to bring with you

  • Application for student enrolment form.

  • Birth certificate.

  • For students who do not have an Australian passport and are not permanent residents - please bring student’s and parents’ passports with visas to the interview.

  • Copy of latest school report.

Orientation day  

An orientation day is held in term 4 of each year for students who are making the transition from primary to secondary education.

During orientation, students will meet in the hall and undertake a program of familiarisation into secondary school life by experiencing some mini classes and meeting with student leaders.

First day at school

Students who start school during the school year (other than the first day of the school year) should report to the administration office. Here new students will be met by the schools admissions officer who will issue them with a diary, take their photo for their ID card and help them to understand their timetable. They will then be taken to their new class and ensured that they are ‘buddied’ with other students who will assist them in their welcome and transition into our school.

Students are also able to access a wide range of support services throughout their school years from our highly qualified support team.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.​

medication logo.jpgStudent Medications​​​

​Students may require medication while they are attending school or during school related activities to manage ongoing health disorders or conditions, short-term illnesses or in response to a medical emergency.

If your child needs to take medication at school, please provide the office staff with:

  • a completed and signed Consent to administer medication form;​
  • the medication in its original container; and
  • ​medical authorisation (e.g. the pharmacy label, or a letter from the doctor, or a completed and signed health action plan).

Student medication form:​ 2023 FORM - Consent to administer medication.pdf

If my child has to take medication at school, how will the doctor know what paperwork the school needs?​

When you next visit your child’s doctor (or other health practitioner), you could give them a copy of the Administration of Medications in Queensland state schools: Information for parents/carers and health practitioners. This document explains what advice they need to provide to help the school to safely administer medication to your child.

Health practitioners form: 2023 FORM - Information for parents,carers & health​ practitioners.pdf

If your child takes tablets or capsules each day, you can ask the pharmacist to pack them individually in sachets, blister packs or bubble packs. This packaging is known as a ‘dose administration aid’ (or DAA) and has the pharmacy label instructions as part of the packaging. When medication is packaged in a DAA it can make it easier for the school to safely store and administer it.

Please note: A pill case (e.g. a weekly medication organiser) filled by yourself is not a DAA and is not something the school is approved to use.​​

If your child requires medication at school, there are some things you can do to help:

  • Only provide medication that has been medically authorised.
  • Check that the medication hasn’t expired.
  • Provide medication in the pharmacy packaging.
  • Hand medication to the school in person.
  • Collect unused medication in person.
  • Provide a pill-cutter if tablets need to be halved or quartered, or arrange for the pharmacist to package the medication using a dose administration aid.​

Last reviewed 28 July 2023
Last updated 28 July 2023