LYDP - Surf Lifesaving


Loganlea Youth Development Program
(LYDP) – Surf Lifesaving and Leadership

Loganlea State High School has been running the LYDP Program in a variety of formats for close to 20 years and in partnership with Kirra SLSC for the last 7 years. Both Loganlea High and Kirra SLSC believe the program is beneficial for all students involved and helps to give students experiences in environments they would not normally find themselves in. Through this partnership, Kirra SLSC have offered our students memberships, training and accommodation on the condition that senior students who undergo training through the club, give back by being regular patrol members at Kirra SLSC during the patrolling season (September to May).

Each year the Loganlea Youth Development Program delivers training to students to help promote the fundamentals of the program, which include:

  • Skill Acquisition
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Self-Reliance​

As a part of being in LYDP, students become members of Kirra Surf Lifesaving Club where they get expert training in surf lifesaving, CPR, first aid, advanced resuscitation and IRB crew. At the end of the program, all LYDP students will have the chance to obtain a Cert II in Public Safety (Bronze Medallion) or Surf Rescue Certificate, Senior First Aid certificate as well as the many other certificates available through Surf Lifesaving Australia eg. Advanced Resuscitation, IRB Crewman, Defibrillation Certificates etc. As well as vital points towards their QCE.

LYPD Program Impact:

One of the biggest impacts our program has is providing our students with critical first aid and rescue qualifications that equips them with the skills and abilities to save another person's life. LYDP members have performed countless rescues at the beach and provided first aid with in the greater community. Students also have the opportunity to compete in surf sport competitions that can include ocean/pool swimming, board/surf ski training, beach running and IRB and surf boat racing.


Year Plan - What students get to do:

Throughout the year, Junior and Senior LYDP students will undertake a range of activities including pool swims, beach days, camps and first aid/CPR training.

Students will also be involved in a range of other school activities within the LYDP Program. ​

​Junior LYDP
Senior LYDP
​Term 1
​Pool Swims 
Beach Visit
​Pool Swims 
Bronze/SRC Camp
​Term 2
​First Aid/CPR Training 
Leadership Activities
First Aid/CPR Training
First Aid Camp ​
​Term 3
​Pool Swims
Beach Visit
Pool Swim
IRB Camp​
Term 4
​Pool Swim
Beach Camp
​Pool Swim/Training
Leadership Camp

Student quote on benefits of LYDP Program from current LYDP member:

LYDP has benefitted me in multiple different ways. It has improved my social, team work and commitment skills. This program has allowed me to meet new amazing people, as in at Kirra surf life-saving club and people within that community such as the club president and people along the beach at patrol. This program and going out to Kirra beach (either on patrol or training at camps), has allowed me to maintain and develop my team work skills, as we are always working in groups. Patrols and camps are things I enjoy and look forward to during the season. LYDP has motivated me to do my best at everything and has got me out of my comfort zone. Assisting people is something I enjoy doing and from being in the LYDP program it has encouraged my aspirations to be a nurse. This program has allowed me to get closer to the school community as I interact with multiple people like teachers and other students. I have learnt a lot from my experiences in this program and look forward to learning more.

Last reviewed 24 February 2022
Last updated 24 February 2022