CRED - Student Rewards


​​​​Community Recognition of Excellent Deeds - CRED 

Part of the school framework rienforcing appropriate behaviours are CRED Points and Loganlea STAR Pins which are processes that encourage explicit teaching of expected behaviours and recognition of those behaviours in students. 

CRED points are a system of recording and promoting the consistency of a student's positive behaviours. Students earn CRED points by consistently behaving appropriatley and positvely representing or serving the school community in some capacity. Students' CRED, as seem through positive contributions they make to the school community is recognized as shown in the following. 

CRED Points and Rewards 

Students meeting school expectations in 2022 may be recognised in the following ways: 

1. Each week, on year parades, school notices and special prize draws.

2. Each term, the top CRED and Attendance achievers in each year level will be recognised with a reward determined by the Deans and PBL Team. 

3. Each semester, by syudents redeeming CREDit points that they have accumulated through the semester as noted following.  

Loganlea CREDit

As noted previously, students consistently meeting school expectations will accumulate CRED points as they are a;;pcated by teachers and other staff. When students reach 20 points they may redeem these points for a $5 canteen voucher or continue to save their points. If a student accumulates 50 CRED points in a semester, these points can be redeemed for $20 of Loganlea CREDit or a teens retail voucher of the same value. 

Loganlea CREDit may also be used as part payment for items such as school fees, senior formal tickers, senior jersys and excursions. 

Lognalea Star Pins 

Loganlea Star Pins are a recognition for students invloving 5 different coloured stars awarded at school parades and other events with regard to 5 important areas of school life as detailed following. 

a) Gold Stars - Academic Achievement 

​Gold Stars are awarded in term 3 at an Achievers' Celebration, with regard to students' academic achievement in the previous semester's report.

b) Blue Stars - School Representation

Blue Stars are awarded to stucents who have represented the school with distinction in sporting, cultural or academic competitions. 

c) Green Stars - Community Service 

Green Stars are awarded in terms 2 and 4 to students who have, through the school, performed a community service since the previous recognition ceremony.

d) Red Stars - Positive Behaviour for Learning 

Red Stars are awarded in term 3 at an Achievers' Celebration, with regard to students' academic effort and behaviour in the previous semester's report. 

d) Silver Stars - Attendance  

Silver Stars are awarded in every term of the year to students who have achieved 98% attendance in the p[receding term. ​


​CRED Card - White (350 points)- CRED Certificate - White- Student entry to reward days organized by the Deans of Students - 5% discount on end of year events:      - Year 8/9 Fun Day      - Year 10 Semi Formal       - Year 11 Senior Jersey Orders      - Year 12 Senior Formal
CRED Card - Bronze (400 points)- CRED Certificate - Bronze- Continuing previous rewards- Free milkshakes on days operating- 10% discount to end of year events- Other benefits or rewards as determined by students or  organised by the Dean
​CRED Card - Silver (450 points) - CRED Certificate - Silver - Continuing previous rewards- Free entry to Friday Trade Training Centre Lunch when available- 15% discount to end of year events- Other benefits or rewards as determined by students or    organised by the Dean
​CRED Card - Gold (500 points)- CRED Certificate - Gold- Continuing previous rewards- 25% discount to end of year events- Other benefits or rewards as determined by students or   organised by the Dean - Recognition at School Annual Awards Night
Last reviewed 31 January 2022
Last updated 31 January 2022