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School Uniform


​The school  uniform is supplied by The School Locker.

The School Locker 
3892 Pacific Highway
Loganholme Qld 4129

Loganlea State High School has a compulsory uniform policy which has been developed in consultation with the P&C Association. It is our school community's belief that a school uniform is an important part of a student's life at the school because it:

- Avoids competition between students to be dressed in expensive brand name clothes.

- Ensures that students are dressed in clothes that are appropriate for learning activities.

- Complies with Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

- Creates a good impression of students and the school to the wider community.

- Easily identifies intruders to the school when all others are in uniform.


With respect to this uniform policy parents and students need to ensure the following:

1. Students must have enough items of uniform to be properly dressed every day.

2. Students are to wear the entire sports or formal uniform at any one time (but not a combination of both).

3. Jewellery is limited to a watch and two studs or sleepers in the ears. No eyebrow, lip or other visible facial piercings may be worn.

4. Nose piercings may be maintained with a small, clear plastic retainer.

5. Visible make-up is not to be worn.

6. Boys must be cleanly shaven, or with facial hair neatly trimmed.

7. Students' hair should be neatly groomed at all times.

8. Every student must have a school jumper or hoodie by the beginning of Term 2.

9. T-shirts worn under school shirts are to be plain white or plain black only.

10. Uniform shoes are to be predominantly black dress or sports shoes with leather/vinyl uppers to comply with the site Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

11. Students head dress worn for religious or cultural reasons should be plain green, black or white.

Students may face disciplinary action for repeated breaches of uniform policy
or wilful refusal to comply with the school dress code. Students with genuine religious, cultural or medical considerations may discuss their particular concerns with the Principal.


 Sport Uniform

Item of Clothing Description and comments​
​Sports shirt Bottle green with two-button tab front and sleeves almost elbow length.​
​Sports shorts or
tracksuit pants
​Shorts - School sports black hemmed no more than 10cm above the knee.
Tracksuit pants - School black loose fitting ankle length pants with no visible stripes, brands or other markings.
​School jacket, jumper or hoodie ​Jacket/Hoddie - Bottle green with a school logo.
Jumper - Bottle green. ​
​Socks Plain white/black socks rising clearly above the shoes. ​


 Formal Uniform

​Item of Clothing Description and comments ​
Shirt Blouse​ C​ollared ​white with fine green stripes and buttons down the front. Single pocket (left side) features school logo.
​Tie Boys ​(tie optional) - Plain bottle green.
Girls Plain bottle green, buttoning below the collar of the blouse and forms a compulsory part of the girl's uniform.
​Long Pants ​Plain matt finish school black, ankle-length pants with no stripes, studs or any form of embroidery or similar adornments. Pants material are not to be denim or of a stretch knit fabric such as tights. ​
Shorts ​- School black tailored shorts with side tabs and zipped fly front, school logo embroidered at the from hem.
Skirts - School black tailored skirt with two inverted box-pleats front/back, school logo embroidered at the front hem.
​School Jacket, jumper, hoodie or blazer ​Jacket/Hoddie - Bottle green with school logo.
​Jumper - Bottle green.
Blazer (optional) - A black school blazer is available on order for senior students only.
Plain white/black socks (formal or sportswear) rising clearly above the shoes. Stockings worn with the formal skirt to be black and in good condition, without holes or ladders. ​



Item of Clothing ​Description and comments ​

​School caps or bucket hats with the school logo may be purchased as an optional uniform item.

​Non-uniform​ caps/headwear may be worn but must be black, white or bottle green with no inappropriate markings or symbols.

Wide brimmed bush hats or panama hats may be purchased as an optional uniform item.