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“Today we celebrate a significant milestone in the lives of our Year 12’s - The graduation of the class of 2013.

Graduation is not the end, it is the beginning – the beginning of your adult lives. Today, you have achieved a milestone, and today you should be proud. May today mark the beginning of many new joys and accomplishments as well as a continuation of the good things you have already achieved.

For our departing Year 12s, graduation is a celebration of mixed emotions – no doubt a sense of relief that school has finally ended and apprehension and uncertainty about what lies ahead. There is both excitement and sadness as we say goodbye to our senior students after 12 years of schooling.

It is our hope that we have taught you well, and that we have prepared you for a confident entry into adulthood. I am sure that the lessons you have learned from your time at Loganlea state high school will stand you in good stead in the future. Not just the lessons you have gained in your classroom interactions, but the life lessons and the values you have gained in your quest to become the best person you can possibly be.

Over the years, graduates of Loganlea high have been successful in their transition from school to employment, to traineeships, apprenticeships and to further education and this year’s graduates will be no exception. I hope that this phase of your educational journey has provided you with the skills to begin the next chapter of your life – work, training or further study. 

As from today, to some extent, you will be in control of your own future and the decisions you make will guide the direction of your life. Believe in yourselves and live the life you have imagined, live the life you deserve.

Many people are responsible for guiding and supporting you to this final point in your secondary school lives. My thanks are extended to the supportive family and friends who have worked behind the scenes providing guidance and encouragement over the past 5 years. Parents and carers, I am sure at this moment you are feeling a sense of pride, and relief that your son or daughter has achieved this milestone.

I congratulate our year 12 graduates on their personal achievements and for enriching the life of the Loganlea school community. Make the most of the opportunities that cross your path from today forward. The staff and I look forward to hearing of your successes in the years to come. Stay in touch and stay safe. 

On behalf of all the staff at Loganlea, I wish you all the best for a fulfilling and successful future.”

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Last reviewed 06 December 2019
Last updated 06 December 2019