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Attendance Policy

All schools in Queensland are committed to providing safe and supportive learning environments which address the educational needs of all students. Within this environment Loganlea State High School promotes the Department of Education attendance policy Every Day Counts.
Tips for turning up
Don’t think about it
Just do it, go to school. Sounds simple, because it is. School attendance should become a habit.
Get to bed early
Yeah, we know it sounds preachy, but it’s important. Go to bed late on weekends, that’s what they're for. During the week, though, be sensible: hit the hay early. It’s a sure way to make the most of your school day.
Dream big
What’s this about? It’s thinking possibilities, more importantly your career and work possibilities. Whatever your dream is, school is important in making sure you achieve it.
Check in with your friends to make sure they’re turning up, and hopefully they’ll do the same for you.
In addition to this framework, the Loganlea SHS attendance policy aims to...
·       Develop and reinforce the importance of the connection between school, student,home and the wider school community to positively impact on student attendance, engagement and academic achievement. 
·       Develop relationships between teachers (Care Group teacher or other) and students so that students feel safe to attend school and voice their needs - academic, social or emotional.
·       Provides a platform for students to develop resilience and self-motivation.
Please click the link on the right of the page to view the 2016 Attendance Policy
Make school attendance a habit

Tips for school attendance
A set routine can help students get to school every day.

 Help them develop good habits by ensuring they: 
·       have set hours during the week for going to bed and waking up each day
·       remind them to organise their uniform and school bag the night before
·       regularly eat breakfast at the same time each day
·       set a time for daily homework and assignment activities.
What can parents and guardians do? Support students in developing good school habits, and speak positively about school. And make sure they turn up every day — including their birthday and last day of term.

For information, go to the 
Every day counts website.