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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
Folder: Archive DocumentsArchive DocumentsArchive Documents
Year 7 Music Scholarship 2018.pdfYear 7 Music Scholarship 20181210 KB
2017_-_nccd_-_fact_sheet_for_parents_and_carers_v5.pdf2017_-_nccd_-_fact_sheet_for_parents_and_carers_v5360 KB
LoganleaStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_493KB.pdfLoganleaStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_493KB493 KB
LoganleaStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary_168KB.pdfLoganleaStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary_168KB168 KB
Loganlea SHS Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students Jan 2018.pdfLoganlea SHS Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students Jan 2018387 KB
Signature 2018 Brochure.pdfSignature 2018 Brochure2411 KB
Year 7 Scholarship Signature 2019.pdfYear 7 Scholarship Signature 20191785 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2018 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report232 KB
Student-App-Enrol-13.04.17.pdfApplication for Student EnrolmentStudent-App-Enrol-13.04.172252 KB
Application to Excellence Program.pdfApplication to Excellence Program (PDF 342KB)Application to Excellence Program342 KB
Attendance Policy 2016.pdfAttendance Policy 2016Attendance Policy 2016492 KB
Book Interviews (PDF 231KB).pdfBook InterviewsBook Interviews (PDF 231KB)232 KB
Canteen_Menu_2017.pdfCanteen Menu 2017Canteen_Menu_20171246 KB
Menu2018.pdfCanteen Menu 2018Menu20181538 KB
Curriculum-Plan-2016.pdfCurriculum Plan 2016 (PDF, 92 Kb)Curriculum-Plan-201654 KB
Dance Scholarship.pdfDance Scholarship 2019Dance Scholarship1530 KB
Enrolment Agreement 2018.pdfEnrolment AgreementEnrolment Agreement 2018270 KB
ICT Scholarship.pdfICT Scholarship 2019ICT Scholarship1391 KB
Information Page 2018.pdfInformation Page Information Page 2018831 KB
InvestingforSuccess2016.pdfInvesting for Success 2016InvestingforSuccess2016135 KB
Investing for Success 2017.PDFInvesting for Success 2017Investing for Success 2017243 KB
I4S - SER - Loganlea State High School.pdfInvesting for Success 2018I4S - SER - Loganlea State High School104 KB
Loganlea Anti-bullying policy.pdfLoganlea Anti-bullying policyLoganlea Anti-bullying policy1549 KB
Loganlea Rugby League Development Program.pdfLoganlea Rugby League Development Loganlea Rugby League Development Program1017 KB
MathsScienceScholarship2018.pdfMaths and Science Scholarship2018MathsScienceScholarship20181987 KB
MathsScienceScholarship2019.pdfMaths Science Scholarship 2019MathsScienceScholarship20192250 KB
Year 7 Music 2019.pdfMusic Scholarship 2019Year 7 Music 20191630 KB
naplan-2018-information-brochure-for-parents-and-carers.pdfNAPLAN Information Brochurenaplan-2018-information-brochure-for-parents-and-carers326 KB
OrientationDay.pdfOrientation DayOrientationDay1726 KB
Parent and Student Invitation Career Expo 2018Web.pdfParent and Student Invitation Career Expo 2018Parent and Student Invitation Career Expo 2018Web2646 KB
parent-factsheet.pdfParent factsheet parent-factsheet386 KB
ProgReport Parents March 2018.pdfParent Teacher April 2018ProgReport Parents March 2018256 KB
Parent-Teacher Night 2018.pdfParent Teacher Night 2018Parent-Teacher Night 2018852 KB
ProgReport Parents March Venues2018.pdfParent Teacher Venues April 2018ProgReport Parents March Venues2018376 KB
Prospectus 2018.pdfProspectus 2018Prospectus 20188043 KB
school-strategic-plan.pdfSchool Strategic Planschool-strategic-plan443 KB
School-Wide-Literacy-Plan2016-2017.pdfSchool Wide Literacy Plan 2016-2017 (PDF, 400KB)School-Wide-Literacy-Plan2016-2017406 KB
SetP 2017.pdfSetP 2017SetP 2017837 KB
SETp Parent Letter.pdfSETp Parent Letter (PDF 59KB)SETp Parent Letter59 KB
Signature-Overview-2016.pdfSignature Overview 2016 (PDF, 205KB)Signature-Overview-2016205 KB
Signature-Rationale-2016.pdfSignature Rationale 2016 (PDF, 330KB)Signature-Rationale-2016329 KB
SIU Loganlea State High School Executive Summary 2016.pdfSIU Loganlea State High School Executive Summary 2016SIU Loganlea State High School Executive Summary 2016341 KB
SRS Form 2018.pdfStudent Resource Scheme SRS Form 2018193 KB
StudentRewards(831kb).pdfStudentRewardsCREDStudentRewards(831kb)832 KB
Sun-Smart-Policy.pdfSun Smart Policy (PDF, 112KB)Sun-Smart-Policy112 KB
Sun Smart Policy.pdfSunSmart PolicySun Smart Policy111 KB
New Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance - Information for parents.pdfTertiary Entrance Systems QldNew Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance - Information for parents4710 KB
BeenleighLineTimetable.pdfTrain Timetable - Beenleigh LineBeenleighLineTimetable653 KB
transition-guide.pdfTransition guidetransition-guide745 KB
yr 10 subjselecbk 2019.pdfYear 10 Subject Selection 2019yr 10 subjselecbk 20194056 KB
yr 10 subjselecbk 2018.pdfYear 10 Subject Selection Book 2018 PDF(2.53MB)yr 10 subjselecbk 20182597 KB
Yr 11 and 12 Subject Selection 2019.pdfYear 11 and 12 Subject Selection 2019Yr 11 and 12 Subject Selection 20191680 KB
yr 11.12 subjselecbk 2018.pdfYear 11 and 12 Subject Selection Book 2018 PDF(4.33)yr 11.12 subjselecbk 20184444 KB
Year 7 - 12 SRS TBH 2018.pdfYear 7 - 12 Student Resource Scheme TBH Year 7 - 12 SRS TBH 2018267 KB
Year 7 Scholarship Dance 2018.pdfYear 7 Dance Scholarship  2018Year 7 Scholarship Dance 20181617 KB
Year 7 ICT Scholarship 2018.pdfYear 7 ICT Scholarship 2018Year 7 ICT Scholarship 20181709 KB
Year 7 Scholarship Signature Program 2018.pdfYear 7 Scholarship Signature Program 2018Year 7 Scholarship Signature Program 20181357 KB
yr 09 subjselecbk 2018.pdfYear 9 Subject Selection Book 2018 PDF(1.70MB)yr 09 subjselecbk 20181689 KB
yr 09 subjselecbk 2019.pdfYear 9 Subject Selection Book 2019yr 09 subjselecbk 20193033 KB
Yr 11 - 12 Stationery List 2018.pdfYr 11 - 12 Stationery List 2018Yr 11 - 12 Stationery List 2018235 KB
Yr 7 Stationery lists 2018.pdfYr 7 Stationery lists 2018 PDF 175kbYr 7 Stationery lists 2018176 KB
Yr 8 Stationery lists 2018.pdfYr 8 Stationery List 2018Yr 8 Stationery lists 2018178 KB
Yr 9 - 10 Stationery list 2018.pdfYr 9 - 10 Stationery List 2018Yr 9 - 10 Stationery list 2018205 KB