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Physics Excursion to the Gold Coast 600

Physics excursion

As part of the ‘Students on Track’ program 13 Year 10 and 11 students travelled to the Gold coast on Friday 25 October. Year 11 Physics students and students who have chosen Physics for next year enjoyed a day out at the races learning the physics of motion.

Newton’s Laws tell us that even when a V8 supercar is stationary there is a weight force and a reaction force acting on the car. These forces are balanced so there is no net force and therefore no acceleration.

The Year 11’s witnessed the importance of crumple zones and safety equipment.  When a fast car hits a stationary concrete barrier the energy has to go somewhere. If the driver is not strapped into his seat his body would continue to travel at the speed of the car just before the collision which could be up to 250 km/h.

Overall the Physics students had an awesome day out and saw the practical side of what they have been learning in the classroom. If Year 10 students have got an A or B in Year 10 advanced mathematics they have the opportunity to do Physics in Year 11 and 12. Next year Physics students have the opportunity to research theme park rides.  See Mr Steele for more information and to change into Physics for 2014.

Mr Andrew Steele

Science & Mathematics Head of Department